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The 310th Troop Carrier Squadron

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Historical Summary


Henry G. Hamby, Jr., May 1944 (activation) - Feb 1945; John Rylance, Feb 1945 - Jul 1945 (deactivation).


1st Troop Carrier Command, 15 Feb 1944; 8th Air Force, 21 Apr 1944; 315th Troop Carrier Group, 26 Apr 1944 (activated) - 31 Jul 1945 (deactivated)..


Sedalia AAF, MO, 1 Oct 1943; Alliance AAF, NE, 19 Jan 1944; Camp Mackall, NC, 8 Mar - 21 Apr 1944; Spanhoe, England, 26 Apr 1944 (activation);


Operation Overlord (invasion of Normandy), Market Garden (Holland), and Varsity (crossing the Rhine).



Normandy, Northern France, Central Europe.

Distinguished Unit Citation for France (6 Jun 1944); Presidential Unit Citation.



Veteran Members

(Right) 310th veteran members at 1998 reunion in Colorado Springs, CO. (Names to be identified. Please help.)

 (Left) 310th veteran members at 1996 reunion in Norfolk, VA. L to R, Abry Ross, Ziggy Zartman, Ted Stewart, Len Thomas, Edney Glover. Writing on photo by Ziggy Zartman.

(Right) Henry Hamby's middle son 'Chip' next to 310th/315th commemorative plaque at the Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH.



(Text of 315th TCG Memorial Inscription)

"310th Troop Carrier Squadron

'Hamby's Rough Riders'

315th Troop Carrier Group 9th AF

1943 - 1945

Operations: Airborne assault-Normandy Holland, Germany

Campaigns: Normandy: Northern France Rhineland: Central Europe

A memorial to our comrades who served:

309th, 34th, 43rd, and HQ squadrons and

former members of the 60th and 62nd Groups

Dedicated November 1, 1986"


(Right) Dick Ford (2000 Association President) and ????? making a rubbing of the 310th/315th memorial plaque.


(Left) Lt. Col. Henry G. Hamby, Jr., USAAF, ca 1943






(Right) Col. Henry G. Hamby, Jr. (USAF, Ret.), at Reunion 98)










(Left) Stan Smith pointing to himself in the picture above.