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The Next Generation(s)

Children & reactivated units of the 315th TCG.


The 315th lives on! Many of the children -- the sons, daughters, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews -- are coming to our reunions. Some of them, as a way of 'getting in touch' with their parents and forebears, have begun collecting uniforms, photos, equipment and other memorabilia from there progenitors.

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(Above) Henry Hamby, 310th TCS, (left) and middle son Miles wearing his Dad;s old pinks 'n greens at the '98 reunion.



(Above)  Miles ‘Chip’ Hamby, son of member Henry Hamby, standing in front of an R4-D (Navy version of the C-47).

Believe it or not, World War II Re-enactment is increasing in popularity as a hobby for the baby-boomers. As the picture to the left suggests, is it the original, or is it recreation?

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(Right) A C-27A Spartan of the reactivated 310th Airlift Squadron over the Panama Canal. It can carry 24 litters and four medical attendants, or 34 ground troops. The C-27A operates with a three person crew of aircraft commander, copilot and loadmaster. The Air Force C-27A fleet consists of 10 aircraft stationed with the 24th Wing at Howard AFB, Panama, and flown by aircrews from 310th Airlift Squadron, stationed at McDill AFB, FL.


(Left & below) A USAF C-37A (Gulfstream V) of the reactivated 309th Airlift squadron.  The 309th AS is stationed at Chievres AB, Belgium, and is part of the 86th Airlift Wing (Ramstein AB, Germany). (Photos by Andreas Hunold)


Mission.  The mission of the 309th AS is to provide worldwide airlift support for the Supreme Allied commander, Europe (SACEUR) and premier airfield operations for the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).


Personnel and Resources.  The 309th As consists of 91 personnel including eight officers and one local national.  The 309th operates a specially configured Gulfstream V (C-37) aircraft.


Operations.  The 309th AS provides support and an airborne command and control platform for SACEUR/CDR USECOM, flying 900 hours per year.



·          2000, 2001, 2002 – USAFE Golden Drum Award winner (best fuels unit)

·          2000 USAFE Airfield Management Facility of the Year Award

·          2001 USAFE Communications/ Electronics/Maintenance Effectiveness Award winner

·          2002 Senior and Junior Level USAFE Aviation Resource Managers of the Year

Point of Contact.

86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office, Unit 32oo, Box 330, APO AE 09094; DSN 480-9197; Comm. (011) 49-6371-47-9197; email 86AW/

                  ~ 309th AS Facts courtesy of TSgt Van Hoose, 86th Airlift Wing




(Left)  Christine ? wearing her Dad’s Cooper A-2 flight jacket and crush cap on Holloween.