Rev. 04/17/03



315th Troop Carrier Group

Reunion 2002

San Diego, CA

18 - 21 September

Handlery Hotel & Resort · 950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108

1-800-676-6567 or 619-298-0511



The San Diego Reunion was an unqualified success with 120 plus attendees, including many daughters, sons, siblings, and friends of the members.  The bustling city of San Diego provided great weather in which to enjoy the scheduled activities including city tour, bay cruise and zoo visit.

Our President Dick Ford passed the baton to Bernard Brown and planning is already underway for the 2004 gathering.


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·         Photos from the Harbor Cruise

·         Photos from the Hospitality Suite

·         Photos and narrative from the Banquet

·         Schedule of events

·         Description of reunion activities



(Above) San Diego from the harbor


Harbor Cruise



(Left) Nita sheets and Ray McManus




(Above) Helen and John Andracek

(Left)  Ray McManus




(Above) Harold Slack, Rick Slack, Bud Pence, Mike McIntyre

(Left)  Wayne ?, George Cholowcynski, Georgieane Byrd, Marie?




(Above) Pat and John Edney, Ted Stweart, Joannne Edney, Mary Lynn Edney, John Edney

(Above) Mary Lou Hodgson, Phil Hood







(Right) Russ Lane (Jr), Russ Lane, Bernard Brown, Bette Brown








(Above) Doc Cloer, Arthur and Jean Ertel                    (Right) Doc Cloer



(Above)  Dorothy Hamby

(Below)  Henry Hamby

(Above)  Ted Stewart, Joann Edney, Mary Lynn Edney, John Edney


Hospital Ship in San Diego Harbor






Hospitality Suite

Overlooking the hotel pool, our Hospitality Suite welcomed all with an unusually large memorabilia display (much thanks to outgoing president Dick Ford) along with computers demonstrating our 315 Group Website produced by ‘Chip’ Hamby’s (son of member Henry Hamby, 310 TCS), George Chlowescynski autographing copies of Bill Brinson’s book Three-One-Five Group which he revised, and, of course, an always friendly bar.
















(Above)  Stan Smith and Henry Hamby






(Above) George Cholowcynski

(Right) George Cholowcynski, Doc Cloer, ?






(Above) Henry Hamby

(Right) Chip, Dorothy, and Henry Hamby




(Below) Marc Sandall and

 Henry Hamby





(Above) Bernie Brown


(Above) Bill Braun


(Above) Russ Lane and Katherine Dols





(Above) Stan Smith and

daughter Valerie

(Above) John Andracek




The Banquet

  (Names presented clockwise from left foreground)



(Right) Cocktails before dinner.




315th HQ

Max Phil, Sandy


34th TCS

Tom Fahey, John Andrachek, Art Ertel, Bud Pnece, Newman Riechman, Raymond McManus, Ricahrd B. Kithcart, William Bruce, William Perkins

(picture forthcoming0




43rd TCS

Eugene wheeler, Robert Lutes, Robert Cook,

Russell Myrom



309th TCS

Bill Braun, J.W. Wy, Pete Teresi, Richard Adani, goud Watkins, Cal Enderlin, Jack Geist



310th TCS

Ziggy Zartman, Russell Lane, Henry Hamby






Table 1. Georanne byrd, Eva Barody,

Wayne Byrd, Bob sharp, Suzanne Sharp,

Tom Johnson, Barb Johnson,

Dave Benfield



Table 2.  John J. Edney, Pat Edney, Joanne Edney, John A. Edney (310), Mary Lynn Schwietz Edney, Ted Stewart (310)



Table 3.  Pete Teresi, Pat Teresi,

Alice Braun, Bill Braun, Robert Braun,

Lulu Fontes, Rogelia Burroughs,

John E. Burroughs



Table 4.  George Doll, Lavon doll, Pat Arthur, Shirley Paley, Max Arthur, Marie Cholewczynski, George F. Cholewczynski




Table 5.  Dorothy Hamby, Henry Hamby (310), ‘Ziggy’ Zartman (310), Mrs. Zartman,

Zartman, Jr., Katherine Dols



Table 6.  Minnie Sternhoff, Irving ‘Jake’ Sternohoff, Ilse Schwartz, Ray Schwartz, [Ger Zmaken (sp?)], Chaya Halivni (sp?), Kathleen Sandall, Marc Sandall




Table 7.  Evelyn Adami, Richard Adami,

Glenn Ulrich, Roger Glenn Ulrich,

Robert Glen Ulrich, Raymond Glenn Ulrich



Table 8.  Nita sheets, Ray McManus, Jr., Ray McManus, Russell Lane, Russel Lane, Jr., Rick Clack, Harold Slack, Tom Fahey




Table 9.  Russell Myrom (43/37-316th), Barabara McArthur, Ed McArthur

(310/37-316th), Betty Rice,

Julian Bud Rice, Nancy Ingrasano,

Michael Ingrasano (37-316th)



Table 10.  Don Chalufant, J.W. Way, Priscilla Chalufant, Isabel Way, Doug Watkins, Dot Watkins







Table 11.  Marty Campbell, Will Duke,

Ruth Duke, William Bruce, Jewel D.

Bruce, David E. Bruce, Julen Andrachek,

John Andrachek



Table 12.  Newman Riechman, Nadine Riechman, Philip Hodgdon, May Lou Hodgdon, William Perkins, Gussie Perkins, Richard Kithcart, Rachel Kithcart.




Table 13.  Woody Olsen, Genevieve

Olsen, Bill Andrews, Iddy Andrews,

Jack Mancinelli, Sue Mancinelli,

Stan Smith, Valerie Smith



Table 14.  Jean Ertel, Art Ertel, Bud Pence, Mary Ann Pence, Marc Sandall


Table 15. Sharon Schubitzke,

Vesta Matzdorff, Jan  and Hilda Geist,

Cal Enderlin



Table 16. Tracy Lutes, Kathy Lutes, Connie Lutes, Genie Wheeler, Eugene Wheeler (43), Robert D. Lutes (43), Robert (43) and Phyllis Cook




Guest speaker at the Saturday night banquet was remarks from Dr. William Olson, who heads Florida State University Institute on WWII and the Human Experience.  The Institute recently received author Tom Brokaw’s extensive document collection which served as a basis for his WWII book.  Dr. Olson, noting that today’s college students are generations removed from that war, emphasized the importance to future scholars and historians the need to preserve both written and oral histories of the those who were a part of that war.  He urged the veterans present to contribute whatever documents they may have by forwarding them to the Institute (see Newsletter October 2002 for details)  First, however, members are encouraged to contact Chip Hamby for possible inclusion of these memorabilia and documents on our website.

(Right) Dr. William Olson



What has become a tradition, highlights included Jake Sternoff (below, left) serenading us with our old favorites.

What a voice!



”To the men of the 315th Troop Carrier Group:

     The veterans of the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II are deeply grateful for your skills and sheer determination to fulfill our mission in dropping us behind enemy lines during numerous operations in Europe.

     Our hearts are saddened by the fact that some of our troopers, your planes and crews were lost accomplishing these missions.  We will never forget them.

     You are the true heroes of the war and, again, we are so grateful that we had the 315th as our pilots and crews.

     As we troopers from the 505th, 504th, 507th, and other regiments and also the glidermen of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, we thank you for your daring deeds from the first drop until the last one.  Have a tremendous time reminiscing during your reunion and let us not forget those who have gone before us.”


     The 82nd airborne Division

     ‘the All-American Division’

(Above right) Marc Sandall, WWII 82nd Airborne Division reenactor and son of late member Walter D. Sandall, 34th TCS, read a letter (left) written by troopers of the 82nd Airborne Division expressing their deepest appreciation for the work of the 315th Troop Carrier Group during the war



(Above and right) Dick Ford presenting ‘Doc’ Cloer with a plaque expressing the Association’s appreciation for longstanding service as corresponding secretary.


Dick Ford presented plaques to ‘Doc’ Cloer (corresponding secretary) and Stan Smith (Newsletter editor) in recognition of tireless and long service to the Association.




(Left)  Dick Ford presenting Stan Smith with a plaque expressing the Association’s appreciation for longstanding service as editor of the 315th TCD Newsletter.




Schedule of Events

Wed, Sep 18

1400 – 1800 ~ Registration open; Hospitality room open; evening on your own.

Thu, Sep 19 

0900 – 1000 am ~ Registration open

10:30 – 1630 ~City tour/Seaport Village (description below)

Evening ~ Hospitality suite open; View 315 Group Website

Fri, Sep 20

1030 – 1500 ~ Cruise/Old Town (description below)

1600 – 1700 Board of Directors Meeting

Evening ~ Hospitality suite open; View 315 Group Website; “The 315 Group” revision booksigning

Sat, Sep 21

0900 – 1030 ~ Business meeting

1100 – 1500 ~ San Diego Zoo (description below)

1800 ~ Banquet - cocktails (cash bar)

1830 ~ Banquet – squadron/unit photos

1900 – 2300 ~ Banquet & entertainments featuring a little USO number

Sun, Sep 22


0930 – 1500 ~ Tijuana trip (description below)


Activities Descriptions

City tour/Seaport Village (Thu, Sep 19).  Board bus for guided tour of San Deigo.  Begin the day in La Jolla, the 38th wealthiest community in the country and drive up to Mount Soledad, the tallest mountain in the city.  See 360 degree views of the city and surrounding areas.  Drive downtown along Harbor Drive and see the Star of India, the oldest sailing ship in the world.  Hear about her history, along with information about the other vessels that make up the Maritime Museum.  Enjoy lunch on you r won at Seaport Village, a replica of three seaports.  After lunch visit Balboa Park, home to museums, art galleries, and the Veterans Memorial Museum center.  Most of the architecture in the Park is Spanish-Moorish origin, and the California Tower, a city landmark, chimes every quarter hour.  1030 board bus, return to Hotel at 21620.  $26 pp, includes bus and guide.  Lunch on your own.

Cruise/Old Town (Fri, Sep 20).  Board bus for one hour, narrated harbor cruise of San Diego Bay.  See the Naval Base and parts of San Diego Harbor.  Cruise by the navy piers and under the Coronado Bay Bridge.  The oldest iron-hulled vessel afloat, the Star of India, is also berthed in this harbor.  Afterwards, continue on the Old Town, which has flourished since it purchase by the State of California in 1969.  This historic area was the site of the first European settlement in California.  In addition to historic buildings, the park also contains specialty shops and restaurants with Mexican cuisine a favorite.  Bus departs at 1100, returns to Hotel at 1500.  $29 pp includes bus, guide and admission.  Lunch on your own.

San Diego Zoo (Sat, Sep 21).  Board bus for the San Diego Zoo, the world’s largest, with over 3,400 rare birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  Enjoy a 35-minute guided, double-deck bus tour for an overview of the various exhibits.  Dining options include Albert’s Full-service Dining Restaurant, the Peacock and Raven Dining Room, Treehouse Café, and Sydney’s Grill.  Snack bars and gift shops available.  Bus leaves at 0930, returns to Hotel at 1500.  $48 pp includes bus and guide.  Lunch on your own. 

Tijuana, Mexico (Sun, Sep 22).   Board bus for a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico, the most visited border city in the world and fourth largest in Mexico.  Tour parts of Tijuana most visitors never see.  Shopping areas, quaint shops, handcrafted items of Old Mexico.  Lunch on your own.  Bus leaves at 0930, returns to Hotel at 1500.  $27 pp includes bus and guide.  Lunch on your own. Valid picture ID is required for US Citizens to cross the border.