Rev. 04/17/03

Links to Other Related Websites


Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, DE.  Information regarding the Salute to Troop Carriers, 27-30 Apr 2003


DC3/Dakota Historical Society (Air Care International).  Histories and photos of DC3s and C47s, plus many good, related links


440th TCG Website  Just getting started, but has a few good photos


National WW2 Glider Pilot’s Website Association, Inc . 


WebsiteInto The Valley”,  the story of USAAF Troop Carrier in World War II, by Col. Charles H. Young, war-time commander of the 439th TC Group.,


DC3 Hangar.  Plenty of pictures, history, and ’how to fly’ the DC3, including cool soundbite of the radial engine.


Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.  Click on ‘Modern Flight’ for pictures of their WW2 C47 (M2).


437th Troop Carrier Squadron website. Histories and memoirs,  B&W photos of the vets and aircraft.


Airlift USA webpage.  Dedicated to the airlifters who have given their lives in America's wars and military adventures.  Narrative of overall history of Troop Carriers.



101 Airborne Division “Trigger Time” website.  Excellent site about the 101, including an in-depth discussion of the Ambrose-Troop Carrier controversy, along with photos (click on Troop Carrier)


54th Troop Carrier Group website.  Newsletters of the 54th TCG reunion association.


USAAF in Europe.  Pages of histories and photos of various of the 20 Air forces, including the 9th AF.


Dutch Dakota Society.   In Dutch (English translation in progress)