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“We were going right into a gun emplacement and they were shooting shells as big as steers.  The diving is what saved us, because we were losing altitude while he fired, and the shells would go over us.  I thought I was going to hit him, and by instinct I reefed back on the stick and I had elevators.  I went across the field still trying to get control of the airplane.  I wanted to stay below the trees, but I saw power lines.” ~ 1st Lt. Oliver J. Smith, pilot, page 169.

About the Book.

Three-One-Five Group is a history of the 315th Troop Carrier Group written by the late Bill Brinson, member of the 315th TCG.   It has been most recently revised through the tireless efforts of George Cholewczynski, incorporating firsthand accounts, memoirs, and stories from our veteran members.  Paperback, 6” x 9”, 300 pages.


(Left) Front cover of Three-One-Five Group, designed by Visual Art, Inc., depicts 315th Troop Carrier Group aircraft ~ 4A – 310th TCS (foreground), UA-43rd TCS, NM-34th TCS (background).  M^-309th TCS appears on back cover.


 “We were all in beautiful formation and ready to drop, and we came on in and then everything erupted…We hit the deck and did a 180 on instruments…I remember an armored car shooting at us and we were being hit.  The pilot turned to me and said ‘GET OUT!’ ...the controls were shot away…as I tumbled through the air, I saw curving tracers everywhere, all looking as if they were coming straight at me.” ~ 2nd Lt. James R. Wilson (“Junior), Navigator, page 177

About the Author.

Col. William 'Bill' Brinson (USAF Retired) longtime Corresponding Secretary of the 315th Association, was a native of Waynesboro GA. Prior to his passing in August 2001, Bill had made Jacksonville, FL his home. His book, Three One Five Group, is an impressive accomplishment. Following WWII, he elected to remain in the Air Force and achieved a distinguished career. Bill flew c-54s on the Berlin Airlift. During the Korean Conflict, he was airlifting troops from McChord AFB, WA. After Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB. AL, Bill commanded the 173rd Air Transport Squadron (Air Evac) at Travis AFB, CA, moving patients to military hospitals throughout the west coast.

(Right)  Bill Brinson dancing with former 818th MAETS flightnurse Evelyn ‘Chappie’ Kowlachuk at the 2000 reunion.


In 1958, Bill commanded a composite unit in support of nuclear testing at Eniwetok Island in the Pacific Ocean. Bill was slected to head the second Military Air Transport Service (MATS) squadron to be equipped with C-135s, the Air Force's version of the Boeing 707. Bill attended the Navy War College and entered a Pentagon assignment, followed by a three-year tour as Chief, Military Assistance Group in Morocco. Bill's career eneded at Maxwell AFB as Commander of the Academic Instructor and Allied Officer's School, the same base he reported to as an Aviation Cadet 30 years earlier.



(Right) Back cover of Three-One-Five Group.



Cover designed by Visual Art & Design depicts aircraft of the 309th TCS, designated M6.



(Left)  George Cholewczynski, author of the revision of The 3-1-5 Group, autographing a copy at the 2002 reunion.

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